About Us

AustAgri’s Vision:

AustAgri is currently an unlisted public company with a vision to build and manage a portfolio of assets across the entire red meat supply chain that will create substantial capital gains and a growing dividend stream for investors, for many years to come. The Company has identified operations spanning farming, genetics, breeding, fattening, meat processing operation that can meet the entire spectrum of requirements from live animal handling, killing, dehiding, evisceration, carcass splitting, deboning, trimming, meat preparation, portioning, value adding, further processing, packing, and labelling, through to sales, marketing, and distribution.

The Board of AustAgri is set to develop its meat and food processing business(es) in order to enable an ASX-listing later in 2022. AustAgri is currently in discussion with potential financiers, accountants, lawyers, and lead arrangers to assist AustAgri list on the ASX. It is anticipated that this group of advisers will also assist the Company undertake a marketing campaign to potential institutional and retail investors.

Our Story

The Company has been established to hold a portfolio of assets across the entire red meat and food supply chain, predominantly in Australia, but also strategically in several overseas countries.

The investment objective of the Company is to invest in well established companies in Australia and globally that are producing meat and food products. This will enable us to capitalise on the demand opportunities emerging from the rapid growth in the world’s population. Specifically there is a “dining boom” taking place in Asia with the rise in middle income classes in the region (and the increasing interest of consumers in “pure food” and food safety).

AustAgri will be a branded food company which, through its stable of investments, will aim to provide high quality, safe, clean (natural and/or organic) differentiated meat & food products to consumers. We intend to focus on ingredient integrity, a secure supply chain and thereby provide Consumers with an authentic, genuine, healthy food experience.

The Company’s investment strategy is to seek out businesses which provide a competitive income return and provide attractive capital growth potential for its investors. The initial investments of the Company have sound qualities with strategic opportunities for expansion.

The Company is looking to conclude investment and acquisitions negotiations, shortly and believes it should then be well positioned to take advantage of the future growth in demand at home and in Asia, a region which is expected to grow dramatically in its standard of living over the next 10 to 20 years.

Meet The Team

Board of Directors

Andrew Chan
Chairman - Non Executive

Joseph Fekete
Non Executive

John Armytage
Non Executive

Paul Martyn
Non Executive

Nick Bahl
Non Executive